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Oxy Burn by Stage Nutrition is designed to enhance metabolism, promote weight loss, increase energy levels, support cardiovascular health, boost immune function, optimize cognitive performance, regulate blood sugar levels, and improve overall flexibility.

Supercharge your wellness

Gummies that power you to be your best, in and out of the gym.

Elevated Metabolism

Boosts metabolic rate for efficient calorie burning and fat loss.

Enhanced Energy

Surge in vitality, optimizing endurance and performance.

Appetite Control

Supports healthy appetite regulation

Thermogenic Effect

Intensifying calorie expenditure during exercise.

How does it work?

In a Nutshell,
Our Oxy Burn can:

  • Supports Metabolism
  • AssistWeight Loss
  • Enhance Energy Levels
  • Encourage in Overall Well-being
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powerful, clean and safe ingredients

Raspberry Ketone

Decreases anxiety, supports positive mood, supports gut brain axis, and an improved sleep cycle


Optimizes energy, cognitive function, and mental alertness.


Improves exercise performance, increases nutrient delivery to exercising muscle, and reduces lactate associated neurological exercise fatigue


Promotes relaxation and eases anxiety, helping your dog find peace in every chew.

what we leave out

Our supplements typically exclude various additives and artificial ingredients, making them a cleaner and more natural supplement option.

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We put the industry under the microscope

  • Enjoyable experience
  • Clean ingredients
  • High quality assurance

other Oxy Burn

  • Non-Vegan
  • Synthetic ingredients
  • Low quality assurance
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